Lock-up Package Home Build Offers Ultimate Flexibility

Lock-up Package Offers Ultimate Flexibility

If you want to build the home of your dreams, completely customized to your taste, but your budget is a little more cookie cutter than your imagination, theĀ lock-up packageĀ offers you the best of both worlds.

Perhaps you have a background in carpentry and construction, but you don’t have the knowledge to lay your own foundation or frame your own house? You can still have the satisfaction of working on your own home.

When you choose a lock-up package home build from Trafalgar, the outside of your home will be completely built for you. It will be built water-tight and it will include your foundation, the exterior doors, the siding and the roof. This can be accomplished so much more simply and affordably than you might expect. Then, you can do all of the interior finish work yourself. When you’re done you will truly be able to say, “This is the house that love built.” It is certainly satisfying to work on your own home, imagining the way your family will one day enjoy the spaces you are creating.

Or, you can always hire your own team to finish the interior to your specifications, giving you a custom look and feel without a custom price tag. There are so many incredible ideas for interior finish on Pinterest and home and garden television shows, and a lock-up package gives you the chance to implement all your ideas without restriction.

At Trafalgar Homes we are here to help you make the right choice when it comes to building your new home. Please contact us to lean more about our lock-up packages and find out if it might be the right direction for your new home build.