Great Ideas for Making the Most of the Limited Square Footage of Vacation Homes



Although it certainly sounds enticing, vacation homes are not intended to replicate the home where you spend the rest of the year. Vacation homes usually aren’t as spacious and packed with all the amenities of the home you return to in the real world away from your vacation. For this reason, you should do your best to become a partner during the home construction process in order to ensure the most efficient use of the limited space at your disposal during vacations.


In order to make the most of the small kitchens found in many vacation homes, you must think in terms of storage rather than cooking when it comes to efficiency. After all, you didn’t escape to your vacation home just to spend all day running back and forth between the oven, range and refrigerator, right? Look over the floor plans during the pre-construction process and immediately get rid of any appliances you don’t need and downsize any appliances that are too large. Carve out every last inch of space in the kitchen and the area adjacent to the kitchen for storing canned goods, frozen foods, bottled drinks, bagged snacks, fast food leftovers and all those other typical examples of vacation nutrition. Since you are still on vacation even when you do cook, it certainly doesn’t hurt to add a nice big window to look through and enjoy the view while preparing meals.


Save usable square footage inside the bedroom by foregoing closets if your plans for vacations are not extended ones. Consider adding some sturdy built-in storage drawers beneath the bed as one place to store clothing in the absence of a closet. If you can eliminate bedroom closets and still be satisfied with your clothes storage alternatives, the larger area can be used for a second bed or a video game station or even a small desk if you absolutely must conduct business while on holiday.

Living Rooms

Even vacation homes require some time for relaxation of the type you normally enjoy every night back at your residence in the real world. When planning for construction of the living room in vacation homes, it may well be worth a little customization to allow sink back into routine if you so desire. Built-in shelving means you can design a place to keep books, video game cartridges, your old vinyl record collection or anything else to exact specifications. Not only do built-in shelves give you a chance to place what will likely soon come to be seen as a necessary limitation on what you want to bring from home, but it also eliminates the cost of buying shelving and the labor of transporting it to your vacation home. Corner built-in shelving is even more efficient use of limited square footage in living rooms.

Laundry Room

You’ll regret using up precious space in your vacation home to make room for including a washer/dryer combo, but if you plan on spending long periods of time in your vacation home, you will regret not having included it even more. Scrutinize the floor plan closely to uncover any area that can be transformed into the most efficient laundry room possible. If you have to sacrifice some deck or patio area, so be it. The longer you spend in your vacation home, the less of a sacrifice it will come to be seen.

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