Trafalgar Homes has over 20 years experience in new home building and provides you with cost effective affordable alternatives to package homes, prefab homes and modular (mobile homes) to build a home for Your Dream. Your Style. Your Budget.

What services do you offer and where?

Trafalgar Homes provides the following services:

  • New home construction
  • Recreational property construction
  • Secondary dwellings
  • Auxiliary or accessory buildings for both residential and recreational properties

Services are provided in the following areas:

  • Vancouver Island
  • Gulf Islands

Trafalgar Homes’ focus is on producing homes that are both well-built and affordable. Although the company can produce larger, custom homes, Trafalgar has chosen to focus on the under-supplied market for affordable homes of 2,000 square feet or less providing a cost-effective alternative to prefabricated homes.

What is the difference between lockup, lockup plus and a complete package?

A Lockup package includes all the materials, supplies and labour to bring your new home to a weather tight, locked up condition. A Lockup Plus package continues the building process and takes your new home to the drywall stage. A Complete package is essentially live-in ready just add the appliances and your new Trafalgar Home is finished!

What is the difference between a package home company and a Trafalgar Home?

Package home companies such as Pacific Homes, Winton Homes, Linwood Homes and Beaver Homes to name a few companies that market in BC, only sell you the building materials for one of their home designs. The initial prices quoted do not typically include delivery to your building site. Package Home companies are also not usually builders – so you will need to find a licensed, registered builder or write/pass an Owner Authorization Exam in order to construct the residential home on your property. We will definitely say that the 3D renderings on many package company websites are very attractive – exterior stone work, decks, columns, etc. However, with possibly some exceptions those are not included in their price.
A Trafalgar home provides you with 3 building stages Lockup, Lockup Plus and Complete – at each stage we provide all the materials AND labour to construct your new home. And all our home prices include a concrete foundation. A Trafalgar Home is built on site much like a custom home build.
Because Trafalgar Homes come standard on a concrete crawlspace they are very easy to finance on a construction draw down mortgage. Package Home companies typically require all the money upfront before delivery.

What is the difference between a prefabricated home and a Trafalgar home?

Prefabricated homes, also known as prefab homes, are manufactured in a plant in sections that are small enough for shipping to some but not all locations. When obtaining a price estimate from a prefab company make sure to get not only a cost for delivery but also what is required to off-load those sections on your property – a crane? 5 burly guys?
Some prefab companies claim there is less waste when they construct those sections of a home that can actually be pre-built…in most cases this translates into “you” don’t actually see the waste but it is still there.
Some prefab companies talk about faster assembly – which of course makes sense as they built the prefab sections in their plant and then delivered them to your building site.
However for that faster assembly at your end ask the prefab company what their payment policy is. As with some exceptions they require a deposit and then 100% before they will deliver. You will also have to find a licensed, warrantied builder or take that Owner Authorization Exam to build the home yourself.
A Trafalgar Home is built on site much like a custom home build. All our prices include a concrete foundation – one less thing for you to worry about. The building supplies for your home will arrive at your lot on an as required basis and will be assembled by experienced Trafalgar Homes crews. As Trafalgar Homes is a licensed residential builder you know that your new home meets BC Building Code Standards and is covered by a 2/5/10 warranty included in our price.

How long would it take to build our home?

From the moment your building permit is issued and construction starts a Trafalgar Home can take between 8 weeks and 4 months depending on the home design/size, the stage of construction and Mother Nature (who can be a witch!)
Trafalgar Homes has a very well-organized building process which starts with you choosing a home design, making modifications (your wish list) and then signing a contract. As all Trafalgar Homes are both architecturally drafted and then structurally engineered once you are happy then we work on your behalf to submit the building permit. Depending on area building permits can be the delay in building Your Dream Home.

Do you have financing available?

Yes we do offer in-house financing options on approved credit.

Can you help with the purchase of land?

Yes although we do not purchase the land for you we do have partners that we work with that can help you to find the land you are looking for.

How do I find a design that is right for me?

We have many designs to choose from. We suggest booking a no-obligation appointment with us so we can help you to find the design that will be perfect for you and your budget.