Why Trafalgar?

If the home you are looking for is one that fits comfortably in your budget, then the licensed builder
to choose is Trafalgar Homes. We help you select a design for your new home,  carriage house, or vacation property, and build it for you onsite. We do not build prefabricated homes on slabs, our home builds are much like any residential home construction but without all the added costs.

Trafalgar Homes specializes in practical home construction: cost-effective new homes, carriage houses and vacation properties that provide comfortable, well-built living space but without the extras that can strain homebuyers’ budgets.

Trafalgar Homes believes the time has come for affordable home construction. The company specializes in building quality homes, which are constructed to code and use industry standard materials. These homes offer up to 4 bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, and ample living space. Need more space ask us about our large home construction options.

Trafalgar Homes builds better budget-priced homes by streamlining the construction process. The crew can construct a new home in as little as eight weeks. By saving time, Trafalgar Homes saves homeowners money.

How do we save you money?

  • Bulk ordering of common materials
  • Budget-friendly building designs, and
  • Highly organized construction processes that apply economies of scale to home building.

A Trafalgar Home costs 30% less than comparable homes from other builders. Although Trafalgar Homes may offer fewer choices in some areas clients can make the choices that matter most. They can choose their home design, which may be a single level rancher or a recreational home style. They can choose their home finish, either natural cedar or one of the different colours and finishes available in hardiplank siding. They can also choose their colours.

The process starts with selection of design. From that point, the team knows exactly which materials and building skills are required. Many materials may already be in Trafalgar Homes’ stock, reducing waiting time. The experienced construction team is practiced in assembling these well-designed and practical homes. We take the worry out of building and make it affordable.

Homes are:

  • Built to code
  • Use industry-standard materials
  • Completed on time
  • Finished in as little as eight weeks at a savings of 30% or more

Book a no-obligation quote today and see how much you will save!