Our Company

Experience is an essential part of Trafalgar Homes’ ability to save clients at least 30% when building their new homes. From the moment the client chooses the home design, Trafalgar Homes knows exactly what will be required in manpower, skills, materials, and time to complete the home.

Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in home construction, Trafalgar Homes constructs your new home to schedule and on budget. The company’s established network of experienced sub-trades are brought into the project as needed, in a tightly coordinated building process that can deliver a finished home in as little as eight weeks.

As a licensed builder, owner Byron Scholfield feels the industry has moved away from providing cost-effective, affordable housing for families and individuals. Trafalgar offers affordable homes without the price-inflating extras that the company’s clients agree that they don’t need.

We work on economical designs and on a simple production basis, building what people actually need. We have choices to fit every budget while making the whole process simple.

In addition to residential homes, Trafalgar builds recreational homes and auxiliary buildings.