Three Keys for Even More Affordable Home Building



Home building can often be quite an expensive effort, which is why many aspiring home owners search for ways to keep costs within an affordable range. And to help with that, here are some more useful tips to bear in mind when overseeing the construction of your dream abode.

Keeping it simple

Okay, so everyone wants a house that looks exactly what they dreamed of. But the more elaborate the design you want, the more money you have put out. However, that does not mean that you have to abandon your desired look all together. The trick is to find a compromise and simplify everything.

Ornamentations like fancy window decorations can be kept at a minimum, since these are not that noticeable from a distance. Another way to simplify construction while still having the look you want is to use alternatives for certain materials. Instead of using crown moldings, for example, you can opt for wood casings. These will look perfect, but are much more affordable.

Maximizing space

Another common route to affordable home building is to build small. However, that also means you will have limited space, which can make moving around and in between rooms somewhat cumbersome. A solution you can do is to resort to the so called open floor plan. In this layout, the house is made to have as few walls as possible. Common areas like the living room, kitchen, and the dining area, are left open, while personal rooms are the only ones to be sectioned off. With less walls, the house will feel a lot bigger than it is and the cost of materials will definitely be lower.

You also need to watch out for so called “phantom space”. These are areas which are not usable as living space, but are still counted during construction. They include cellars used to house heating equipment, garages, and even the wall space allotted for insulation. What you can do here is to creatively use these to add that much needed space. Extra room left after wall insulation has been installed, for instance, can be fitted with fushed-in cabinets for a less crowded floor.

Think outside of the box

Since building materials get the biggest chunk of your building budget, you would definitely want to lower it as much as you can. One clever way to do it is to head out to yard sales for things like doors, cabinets, and room fixtures. Demolition sites are also particularly good places to find a lot of stuff that can add a certain touch to your home’s look without being too expensive. Many owners of structures to be demolished are willing to sell off these pieces for a bargain, as long as you can haul them away.

Embracing the green trend is also another way where you can cut down on costs. And contrary to common belief, it is fairly easy to source materials for such a construction, as long as you are creative enough. Research a lot on these green home building material so that you know how well they fit into your budget and desired outcome.

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