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Tips for Eco-Friendly Home Construction



Today, more couples and families are choosing new home construction, rather than buying existing homes. For these individuals, it is becoming increasingly important to choose eco-friendly options. These options ensure the safety of the environment and can reduce your carbon footprint.

Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

Some companies use a variety of materials, keeping the price in mind. However, there are other companies that take great pride in using eco-friendly materials to build the home. Talk to the company you will use to request the use of the most environmentally friendly materials in your construction. While green materials may not be available for all aspects of the home, use as many as possible.

Use Proper Insulation

Insulation isn’t always the most eco-friendly material you will use in your home, but it is important. If your home construction company doesn’t use the proper amount of insulation in all the right places, it can result in poor heating and cooling for your home. This will cause you to use more energy as you attempt to control the environment within your home, causing more damage to the environment.

Consider Your Fixtures

One of the aspects of home construction is the fixtures you choose. You will need faucets, a water heater, heating and cooling system and other appliances. Talk to your builder to find out what options they recommend for your home so you can enjoy lower energy bills and help the environment at the same time.

As you consider new home construction, it can be beneficial to you and the environment to choose eco-friendly options. With the right construction company, you can create a home that will save you money in the long run. Choosing the right materials, using proper insulation and considering the right fixtures will assure you have a home you can be proud of.

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How to Find a Quality Residential Construction Company




Building a new home can be an exciting experience. Many individuals love to choose their own fixtures and other features of the home to truly make it their own. If you are thinking about going through this experience, choosing a residential construction company can be difficult. Knowing what to look for will ensure you make the best choice to create the home of your dreams.

Ask about Materials

One of the biggest concerns individuals have about their construction is the quality of the materials used. Many companies cut corners on materials, resulting in homes that leak and experience other problems. Therefore, you need to talk to any company you are considering about what types of materials they use. Only choose companies that use the best materials.

Talk to References

Ask the residential construction company for references. However, it isn’t enough to just ask for the names and phone numbers of these references. Make sure you contact these individuals and ask them about their experiences with this company. Understand that few companies will give you the contact information of unhappy clients. Always ask specifically about any negatives. Most companies do have some negative aspects and it is important to discover them before you hire the company.

Check Their Credentials

Never work with a company that doesn’t have the proper credentials and licenses. Contact local and national trade organizations to determine the standing of any companies you are considering. Ask about any licensing and insurance to ensure the company you choose has the best record.

When it comes to residential construction, it is essential to work with a company you can count on. There are many companies that are eager to provide these services to those who want to build their own homes. Choosing the right one can be a complex process, but the end result is well worth that effort.

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The benefit of choosing a custom home builder: Because your preferences matter



Chances are, you’ve been a renter at some point in your life. You have probably even purchased your own home. The problem is, when you depend on someone else’s design, you don’t always get exactly what you want. When you’re ready to buy a new home, it makes sense to work with a custom home builder to ensure you get exactly what you want.

The Search for the Perfect Home

Do you remember the days of searching for the perfect home for you and your family? Perhaps you’re even searching for a home right now, but you keep running into problems. It’s difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. One home might be in a great location, but it might not have as many bedrooms as you’d hoped it would have. Another home might have that beautiful fireplace you’ve been dreaming of your entire life, but the layout of the rest of the home is all wrong. The search for the perfect home can really be exhausting, and that’s because those houses weren’t built according to your specifications.

What Have You Always Wanted?

For just a moment, allow yourself to think about the features of your dream home. What have you always wanted in a home? Perhaps you’ve wanted to sit in a lovely sunroom, reading a good book and drinking coffee. Or, maybe you’ve always wanted a finished basement that could be designated as an area for the kids’ playroom so that you could finally banish their toys to a different part of your house. Everyone has their own preferences, and those preferences are important.

Working with a custom home builder offers you so many benefits that you would never experience when you buy a home that was built for someone else. As your home builders, we make it a point to listen to your hopes and your dreams for your house. We build your home according to your specifications, and it’s our goal to build a home that you truly feel is home. If you would like more information about what we can do to make your dream home a reality, we’d love to talk with you. Contact us today!

Three Things to Consider When it Comes to Home Building

Home Design


Helping to design your home can be an exciting experience. Instead of having to adapt your dream home to meet the reality of what someone else had already built, you get to make your dream home into a reality with our home designs. When deciding upon the plans for your home building project, it is important to consider three things: location, size of the home, and affordability.


Some homes work best built in the country or on the outskirts of town. This is especially essential if part of the plans for your home include outdoor features. If your dream home includes a tennis court or a large outdoor swimming pool, you will need a large amount of land to make your dream home a reality.

Even if your home does not require a large amount of space to make it a reality, location may play a major part in deciding where you want to build your home. Are you someone who likes close neighbors, people who can help you right away if an emergency arises? If that is the case, you will probably want to build your home in the city. Maybe you want your children to go to a certain school. You will want to make sure your home is built where you kids will go to that school. Other factors such as proximity to grocery stores, safety of the neighborhood, and driving distance to a family member’s home might also be things you will want to take into consideration when it comes to the location of your home.


Some people like large homes, ones with more bedrooms than occupants and which allow ample room if guests should want to stay the night. Other people’s dream home is a small home which requires little cleaning. Of course, the size of the land upon which you plan to build your home may play a part in this, but multiple story homes can allow a larger home on a smaller-than-ideal plot of land.


Ultimately, the creation of your dream home may come down to affordability. If you find your dream home and your budget are not meshing well, make a list of what is most important in your home. Maybe the jetted tub in the master bathroom will have to be a regular tub for now. Maybe the game room with a built-in bar will have to be put on hold for a while. Figure out what is within your budget, and go from there. Even if it is not within your budget right now, you can  remodel later and add in the things you had to put on hold for now. On the opposite end, if you find your home is not costing as much as you had anticipated, you might be able to afford the three-car garage instead of just a two-car garage, or you might be able to have the beautiful chandelier in the dining room.

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Don’t Be a Slave to Your Home Design



When you luxuriate in a new home design, you want to enjoy the special features that you’ve added. You don’t want to spend your free time cleaning and maintaining them. After all, you have a family to take care of and a regular job to get to. You can meet this need by constructing a home that requires little maintenance.

Start by reducing extraneous detail. Wainscoting, fancy doorknobs and cabinet pulls, and grooved switch plates gather dirt on their multiple angles and depressions. Reduce the number of surfaces and stick with smooth, flat planes and you eliminate having to clean them. For example, use paint to add decorative detail rather than fancy moulding. And stick with kitchen cabinet fronts without handles so a simple wipe cleans them.

Certain materials and colours show smudges and dirt more readily. These include black and white, featureless flat planes, and anything that shines, like chrome. Go with neutral medium colours like beige or grey, and add patterns to hide grime. Use matte rather than shiny finishes. For example, on bathroom fixtures, burnished pewter faucets will hide water spots more readily than a shiny silver faucet.

Keep things together if you use them together. That means having the laundry room near the bedrooms if you like the convenience of throwing your clothes in the wash after you undress. Or putting it near the kitchen if you like to do laundry as part of your cooking chores. Consider a whole-house vacuum with outlets near major traffic areas and rooms. Instead of lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner around, you just plug a lightweight hose where you need it.

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Modern Trends In Home Designs

Home designs have gone through many changes over the years, and the changes are considerable! However, one thing has remained constant; people want to feel comfortable in their homes.

Elbow Room

One of the biggest comfort providers in a home is space. The room to get about comfortably from one room to the next seems to have been an afterthought in many older homes. Lately, narrow hallways and tight turns have been giving way to the “universal design” which blends wide hallways into the overall design of the house. This prevents the appearance of a nursing home, in which halls are widened to accommodate wheelchairs, but provides ample space and comfort for people of all ages and abilities.

I Bought A House; I’d Like Some Walls, Please

The “open floor plan” has been around a long time and is quite useful for large families, but modern architecture takes advantage of subtle dividers, such as counters and archways, to create rooms without resorting to traditional dividers, i.e., walls. This is a way to prevent that hemmed-in feeling without making a house seem more like a warehouse.

Let There be Light!

One modern trend is actually a throwback to the days before the light bulb. Large, tall windows are not only aesthetically pleasing, they’re very eco-friendly. Facing south, they warm up a room in the winter thanks to the sun. Bring all the warmth in during the day and draw the curtains in the evening to keep the warmth in. During the summer, the sun travels much higher in the sky, giving you the natural daylight without the blazing heat. Using the natural daylight instead of electric lighting can save on your energy bills, so take advantage of this new-again trend!


A modern home doesn’t have to send you to the poor-house. Once a design is selected, the construction team knows exactly what materials are needed. By using industry standard material, construction can begin quickly and be finished on time. In fact, the builder may have some of the material already on hand and not even have to order it. This reduction in time leads to a lower cost in man-hours. This, in turn, leads to a lower cost for the home-buyer.

Home design has certainly come a long way. From mud-huts to modern architecture, your home has always been your castle (and for some of our ancestors, they actually were castles!). Is it time to choose one of our affordable home designs and build your next home? Contact us today for your free no-obligation quote and find out.