Residential Construction – Big is Not Always Better When it Comes to Floorplans

Second Floor

Second Floor

Whether you’re looking to build a new primary home or vacation home, the floor plan is a critical piece to your homebuilding process. Today’s society pushed larger spacious homes as the go-to layout, but smaller floor plans can offer the same amenities, comforts and enjoyment with a much smaller build cost. If you are looking to build a new home and don’t want to break the bank, then a smaller floor plan could be your ideal choice.


Your desired building location dictates the size and shape of the residential construction house you can build. Many lots in vacation areas such as lakefronts offer much smaller and narrower lots than standard resulting in less floor plan choices. Choosing a smaller layout home will allow you more building opportunities within areas of smaller land parcels as well as more outdoor space to enjoy.


Smaller home layouts are a big money saver for consumers on a budget or looking to keep their housing spending down. The layouts require much less building material and labour resulting in a home price substantially lower than their large counterparts. The low cost of smaller plans allows more buyers into the vacation home market. It also results in faster build times and buyers can spend more on the location of the home which can be the most important detail.


Choosing an average or smaller floor plan does not limit which amenities you can choose to outfit the home. They offer all the same amenities just in a smaller space that can often make living more efficient. Kitchens offer a small but functional layout that contains all general appliances and luxuries such as granite counter-tops and travertine floors. Larger windows and extended ceiling make dining and living areas feel much larger and airy. Homeowners who choose the smaller layouts will find they can have all the luxuries and amenities at a lower price.

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