The Five Biggest Mistakes to Avoid with Home Building

New Home Builder


Bob Ross may have liked mistakes, as he called them “happy accidents”, but there is nothing happy about making mistakes with┬áhome building. Homeowners are excited to be able to build their dream home, but if there is no careful planning, the dream can turn into a costly nightmare. We’ll cover the five biggest mistakes you can make, and how to steer clear of them.

Poor Planning

Your lifestyle should be taken into consideration when you are planning to build your home. Decide what your needs are for the new home and then build around those particular needs. For example, if you are planning to start a family or have young children already, then think about the accommodations and safety issues that you may be presented with. If you are retiring in a certain amount of years, then set your plans on what you will need later without worry or stress.

Poor Lighting

Windows should be in every room of your home. Natural light should shine through as much as possible and windows should be large enough to let the light through. When there is less natural light, the home will appear gloomy and dark. Skylights are also a perfect way to bring in natural light.

Not Enough Spacing or Too Much Space

If you are building small home, then the space will not be as much as a larger home. Storage will become a necessity and you should carefully plan on where the storage should be. In a larger home, space may not be an issue, however, too much space can be wasted. A spare room should be transition into two separate uses instead of one one that may hardly be used.

Poor Placement of Rooms

All rooms should be placed according to the functionality and allow for specific foot traffic to go through. Bedrooms should be on the side of the home away from noise and traffic so that sleep will not be interrupted when family members are coming and going. The kitchen is ideally placed near the garage or back entrance of the home and near the living areas. Garages are preferably on the main level near the kitchen to enter the home from the back or side entrance of the home without having to enter into the main living areas.

Letting Everyone Else Talk For You

Everyone has an opinion on what your home should be, but only you know what you need and will be living in the home. Stay involved while your home is being built and ask questions on things that need clarification if you don’t understand. Always communicate and speak out when things are not the way you want them. The professionals are there to help build your dream, but you know what is best for you.

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