Trafalgar Homes provides the following services to the central Vancouver Island region:

  • New home construction
  • Recreational property construction
  • Auxiliary buildings for both residential and recreational properties

The company’s focus is on producing homes that are both well-built and affordable. Although the company can produce larger, custom homes, Trafalgar has chosen to focus on the
under-supplied market for affordable homes of 2,000 square feet or less.

The company prides itself on producing homes that are on budget and on time, yet priced
30 percent lower than comparable homes on the market. A budget house is where price is key and
you are price conscience. Savings are achieved through the experience of the owner and his sub-trades; building budget-friendly home designs; and bulk ordering of industry standard materials.

Building timeline

From start to lock-up, construction of a Trafalgar Home can take as little as 8 weeks. The well-organized process starts with choosing the design, then drawing up the construction contract and proceeds as outlined below.

  • Construction contract is signed
  • Required materials are ordered
  • Building permits are obtained by the owner (with information and guidance from Trafalgar Homes)
  • The site is excavated
  • The foundation is laid
  • Construction begins. Depending on the design and home size, the lock-up stage is reached in six to eight weeks.

Homes are complete and ready for occupancy an average of three months after the start of construction. Throughout the construction process, Trafalgar keeps in touch with the future resident. “I phone clients all the time. They receive regular updates,” Trafalgar’s Byron Schofield said.

All work is done by Trafalgar’s crews or sub-contracted crews reporting to Trafalgar.

Trafalgar Homes applies the same level of experience and professionalism to the construction of recreational homes and auxiliary buildings. For every project, the bottom line is giving the client good value for the dollar spent. A budget house is where price is key & you are price conscience.