Comparing Home Designs as A Buyer



Comparing home designs is absolutely essential when it comes to making an informed purchase decision as a home buyer. Even with similar home designs, intricate details can still sway the decision to pass or make an offer. By learning how to evaluate various home designs, purchasing the right home for your needs should be achievable.

Kitchen Size Drastically Impacts Future Value

In terms of a space to value ratio, nothing adds more value than the kitchen. This is especially important when it comes to resale price, as most prospective buyers will generally put much of their focus on the kitchen. Even with a large house, a small kitchen can put a huge damper on resale appeal.

Avoid Half Bathrooms

Half bathrooms can shy away those looking to raise a family as it will often be necessary for several bathrooms to be used at once. Although half bathrooms can be useful, opt to have at least two to three full bathrooms.

No Laundry in the Basement

Having to do laundry in the basement is simply a poor home design. For those who are disabled or elderly, it can often be next to impossible to go up and down the stairs with loads of laundy.

Balance Curb Appeal with Interior Design

Although the quality of exterior landscaping will likely be what attracts potential buyers to a home, it does not matter if the appeal of the inside does not match or exceed that of the exterior. According to David Weekley Homes, “I don’t mean to downplay the importance of curb appeal. A home that turns your head as you drive down the street can be a real asset. Resale will be a lot easier if you don’t have to stand on the curb shouting, “No, wait! I know it looks bad, but this home’s got great personality!” If the romance doesn’t continue when you open the door, then you’ve got a problem that will be difficult to unload.”

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