Five Reasons New Home Construction Is Better Than Buying A Pre-Owned Home

Five Reasons New Home Construction Is Better Than Buying A Pre-Owned Home


If you are thinking about buying a home, you have some things to consider. You first have to set a budget, determine the area you wish to live in and then you have to find a home that suits your needs. For most people, the first thought they have when seeking a new home for their families is looking at pre-owned homes. However, new home construction may be a better choice for these five key reasons.

Everything Is New

One of the biggest benefits of new home construction is that you are the very first to live in the structure once it is built. That means you won’t have to worry about how old the roof is, or whether the windows need to be replaced soon. Every piece of lumber, fiber of carpet, coat of paint and appliance is brand new, just for you. The only thing that you will need to do is move your furniture and belongings into the home.

No Repairs Or Remodeling

With a pre-owned home, you often have to do something to bring it up to your standards. Sometimes that only means repainting the home in colours that suit your taste. Most times, however, it means replacing the carpeting, refinishing the wood floors, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, replacing the roof and windows and a host of other projects. No matter what kind of “good deal” you got on the purchase of the home, you may find yourself spending a great deal more than you bargained for. With a newly constructed home, you do not have to do any repairs and there is no remodeling required.

The Floor Plan Is Your Choice

When you purchase a pre-owned home, you may be limited by how the floor plan is laid out, that is, unless you wish to do extensive renovation. Doesn’t it make sense to have the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms that meet your family’s needs and lifestyle right from the start? When you opt to build rather than buy an existing home, you have the ability to select exactly what will work for you.

The Location Is Up To You

Although you might love the look and feel of a pre-owned home, the location may not suit you at all. If only you could have that home on that beautiful lot that you own on the outskirts of town, now that would be great, wouldn’t it? When you build, rather than buy, you have control over the location. You decide which direction the front of the home faces, where it will sit on the property and whether or not that old oak tree is in the front yard or the back. The builder will work with you to make sure that your home is in the exact spot you dreamed it would be.

More Options

When it comes right down to it, the biggest reason for choosing new home construction over buying a used home is that you have options. Everything is up to you from the style of the home to the type of exterior finish and roofing materials. You choose the colour of the paint and type of carpet, the appliances and fixtures. It is the perfect opportunity for you to express your personality and sense of personal style.

These are just a few of the benefits of new home construction, we’re sure that you can come up with several more. If you’d like to learn more about new home construction and the choices that you have, please Contact us or call 1-866-971-0239. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer your questions.