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Five Reasons New Home Construction Is Better Than Buying A Pre-Owned Home

Five Reasons New Home Construction Is Better Than Buying A Pre-Owned Home


If you are thinking about buying a home, you have some things to consider. You first have to set a budget, determine the area you wish to live in and then you have to find a home that suits your needs. For most people, the first thought they have when seeking a new home for their families is looking at pre-owned homes. However, new home construction may be a better choice for these five key reasons.

Everything Is New

One of the biggest benefits of new home construction is that you are the very first to live in the structure once it is built. That means you won’t have to worry about how old the roof is, or whether the windows need to be replaced soon. Every piece of lumber, fiber of carpet, coat of paint and appliance is brand new, just for you. The only thing that you will need to do is move your furniture and belongings into the home.

No Repairs Or Remodeling

With a pre-owned home, you often have to do something to bring it up to your standards. Sometimes that only means repainting the home in colours that suit your taste. Most times, however, it means replacing the carpeting, refinishing the wood floors, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, replacing the roof and windows and a host of other projects. No matter what kind of “good deal” you got on the purchase of the home, you may find yourself spending a great deal more than you bargained for. With a newly constructed home, you do not have to do any repairs and there is no remodeling required.

The Floor Plan Is Your Choice

When you purchase a pre-owned home, you may be limited by how the floor plan is laid out, that is, unless you wish to do extensive renovation. Doesn’t it make sense to have the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms that meet your family’s needs and lifestyle right from the start? When you opt to build rather than buy an existing home, you have the ability to select exactly what will work for you.

The Location Is Up To You

Although you might love the look and feel of a pre-owned home, the location may not suit you at all. If only you could have that home on that beautiful lot that you own on the outskirts of town, now that would be great, wouldn’t it? When you build, rather than buy, you have control over the location. You decide which direction the front of the home faces, where it will sit on the property and whether or not that old oak tree is in the front yard or the back. The builder will work with you to make sure that your home is in the exact spot you dreamed it would be.

More Options

When it comes right down to it, the biggest reason for choosing new home construction over buying a used home is that you have options. Everything is up to you from the style of the home to the type of exterior finish and roofing materials. You choose the colour of the paint and type of carpet, the appliances and fixtures. It is the perfect opportunity for you to express your personality and sense of personal style.

These are just a few of the benefits of new home construction, we’re sure that you can come up with several more. If you’d like to learn more about new home construction and the choices that you have, please Contact us or call 1-866-971-0239. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer your questions.

New Home Construction Without The Stress

New Home Construction Without The Stress

For many, building their own home is their lifelong dream, but sadly, some cannot afford the price that comes with a truly custom-built house. However, there is a way to get that new home construction with a more budget friendly price tag. By buying a Trafalgar Home, you can build your own home with some of your favourite features. You have a variety of industry standard home build designs to choose from giving you a custom feel, without the associated high costs.

By choosing your layout and building your own home for you and your family, you can still get that feeling of creating a home for your family, but you do not have the stress of deciding exactly where you would like your garage or how to arrange your kitchen cabinets. By choosing a pre-designed floor plan, you can pick what you like from options rather than trying to explain exactly what you want and hope that your builder understands. You can see how big the rooms will be and how they are arranged without having to move walls to get them to match your vision.

In addition, pre-designed homes are built much faster than custom designed ones. In fact, some Trafalgar homes are built in as little as 8 weeks! That means that you and your family can get started on your new lives in your new home as soon as possible. Having two residences can be stressful and expensive, so needing little overlap while building can be great for both your sanity and your wallet.

The experienced and friendly team at Trafalgar Homes will work with every step of the way, to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to building your new home. Book your no-obligation appointment or call 1.866.971.0239. Let’s get started building your perfect new home.

Why Build a New Home Instead of Buying an Affordable Existing One?

Why Build a New Home Instead of Buying an Affordable Existing One?

In some areas, the market is filled with affordable older homes that seem to offer everything you want. Under these circumstances, it’s natural to wonder why you should build a new home instead of buying one of these seeming gems. The answer is that old houses often hold many surprises – and they’re not the kind you want. Here are some of the problems that older affordable houses tend to have hidden within them:

Failed Superstructure

This is the big one, and it’s also the most costly. Old wiring gets brittle and shorts out, old plumbing starts to leak, and old roofs let the rainfall on your head. Unfortunately, a coat of paint and careful house-showing techniques can momentarily conceal many of these problems. This can lead to nasty surprises when it comes time to move in.

Some of the problems that come about by the simple aging of the house are even harder to spot in advance. You may need to put in a new sewer pipe if the house is in the city, and if it’s in a rural area, you may need a new septic as well along with that. These fixes are very expensive.

“Basic” Renovations Add Up to a Lot of Money

An affordable older home usually needs several upgrades right off the bat. You can expect to replace old carpet or tile, paint the walls, fix some windows, change some lights, and put in new appliances. All of these things can be done for a few hundred dollars each, but when a house needs all of them at the same time, you’re looking at a few more thousand dollars before the house can really be called livable. Suddenly, the affordable older home isn’t so affordable anymore!

Building a New Home Lets You Avoid Bad Surprises

When you choose an affordable new home from Trafalgar Homes, you can rest assured that you are getting quality home build. Since everything will be new, it’ll work properly for years to come. Not only that, you won’t have to worry about making any cosmetic upgrades – everything will be the way you want it right from the start.

At Trafalgar Homes we are here to help you make the right choice when it comes to building your new vacation home. Book your no-obligation appointment or call 1.866.971.0239. We’ll be glad to explain our offerings and work with you to build your perfect home!

How To Choose Your Custom Home Builder

How To Choose Your Custom Home Builder

You have finally taken the leap and decided that you want to build your new home. You have a beautiful piece of land just waiting. However, finding a builder is not as simple as opening the phone book or searching online. You want to make sure that your home is built well and will last for many years for you to enjoy.

Here are some tips to finding the perfect custom home builder for your new home.


Ask around to find builders. Many people have built their own home or known someone who has. Just as many people know good builders and many have horror stories. Listen carefully. You can also look through the phone book or search the Internet so that you have a list of builders that you can meet.


Meet several builders and be prepared to ask questions. Ask them about their experiences. Have they built many homes? Any like the one you are interested in? Ask them about any homes that they are currently working on that you might be able to go look at. Be sure to ask them about any homes that they recently finished. Maybe some owners would allow you to look at their homes. You should plan on driving past a few of them to see how they look, even if you can just see them from the outside.


Ask for references. You need to be able to trust the person who is building your home. Glowing recommendations will help you feel much better. Do not be afraid to call and talk to a lot of people. You need to be comfortable with the person who builds your dream home. You should always make sure that you get estimates in writing.


Finding a custom home builder can be time consuming but it is not something that you should rush in to. You need to ask around and meet with several builders. Be prepared to look through plans and ask a lot of questions. Hopefully you will be able to look through some partially started homes and some finished homes. Also, be sure to ask for references so that you can talk to some satisfied customers.


At Trafalgar Homes we are here to help you make the right choice when it comes to building your new home. Book your no-obligation appointment or call 1.866.971.0239 so that we can help you to find the design that will be perfect for you and your budget.

Architectural Styles For New Home Construction



If you are planning a new home construction, you are spending a lot of time looking at floor plans and balancing your budget. In the evening, you might be driving through neighbourhoods, admiring various styles of homes. In the past few months, you have learned more about home construction than you ever thought possible. Here is your chance to get to know a little more about some popular home-architectural styles.

Cape Cod

During North America’s colonial years, the Cape Cod style of architecture was designed to reflect the thatched roof cottages found in Britain. These cozy homes feature a steep roof and large fireplaces perfect for winter evenings. Dormer windows stand in a row on the upper level and large windows are featured on either side of the front door.


Between 1880 and 1910, the Arts and Crafts movement was responsible for the popular Craftsman style homes and cottages. Materials for these homes favour natural materials, including stone, brick and wood. You can enjoy summer evenings on the wide front porch or winter evenings in the open floor plan. This is the first home style to feature a breakfast nook.


In the 1600s, the Colonial style home was given its own flair depending on the region where it was built. However, all of these homes are symmetrical pleasing. You will find the even number wide, shuttered windows. There will be balance in the number of fireplaces and dormers.

French Provincial

After World War I, this style of home emerged. The style is similar to estate homes found in the French countryside. This home is symmetrical and features steep roofs. You will find many romantic flairs and touches in this architectural style.

Greek Revival

The Greek Revival movement was popular in the 1830s and 1840s. These homes feature beautiful columns and spacious porches. Made from painted plaster, these homes are symmetrical. Generally, these are large and spacious homes, making them a great choice, if you have a lot of land.

These are just a few of the types of home architecture at Trafalgar Homes our designs are more traditional or westcoast styles. To learn more about our design options contact us today.

Visualizing Your New Home Build

Home Design


Do you have a vision for your dream home?  Many people have always dreamt of having a home that looks a certain way or has certain features.  Others may find that even though they haven’t always dreamt of a particular type of home, none of the homes available on the market seem to fulfill their needs.  Whether you’ve always wished for a certain type of dwelling or you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for, the process of visualization can help a lot in home building.

Here are a few tips:

Images.  Before you start building your home, you’ll need to figure out exactly what you want.  Culling images from home décor and architecture magazines will help you to decide what you’re looking for.  So why not sit down with a bunch of magazines and go through them all?  Try to pull out the images that appeal to you in some way.  The best way to do this is by going really fast and letting your unconscious mind take over.  This might seem very random but actually works very well.  Sometimes, you’ll find that the images you pull out conform to your idea of a dream home.  Sometimes, however, you’ll be surprised at the results and might come up with creative ideas that will surprise you.

Picture your dream home.  Another technique which will help clarify what exactly you’re looking for is picturing your dream home in your mind’s eye.  Sit down in a quiet place where no one is likely to disturb you and close your eyes.  Tell yourself that you’re trying to imagine your dream home.  What does its entrance look like?  Does it have a porch or a garden?  When you enter the home, do you see the living room right away?  Is there a big kitchen with the latest appliances?  Is there a home office?  Does the home have a view?  How many bedrooms are in it?  This technique is even more powerful than culling images because you’re drawing from your past experience of all the homes you have seen.  You might be surprised to find that you prefer a tiny, manageable cottage to a large mansion.

Be practical.  Imagining your dream home is one thing and actually building it is another.  In order to figure out if your ideas are practical, you might have to sit down with a home builder and figure out what’s possible and what isn’t.  However, if it turns out that some of your ideas are impractical, don’t lose hope.  You might still be able to get something that approximates your dream home.  For example, you may always have wanted a home on the beach.  But if you don’t live near the ocean, consider a home that overlooks a lake or build a Japanese-style garden with many ponds in your backyard.  With our considerable experience in home building, we’ll help you to come up with options that will help you fulfill your dream without breaking the bank.

Contact us for more great ideas about building your dream home.

Top Home Design Trends

Even though 2014 is almost on its way out, it’s still interesting to take a look back at the most popular home design trends we’ve seen during the past year. It truly was a year of innovation, as well as of intricate and personalized designs. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular changes we’ve seen in home building over the last year.

The Master Suite

It seems that for most new homes, the master bedroom has been laid to rest in favour of a master suite. Retreating to your master suite is almost like retreating to a terrific spa getaway, which is exactly the result homeowners are looking for. These suites can be minimal if desired, but many homeowners prefer the luxurious variety, which can even include adding a sauna or other spa amenities.

The Guest Suite

If your home has always had a guest bedroom, you’ll be happy to know that guest suites are making an appearance too. A recovering economy means that more travelers are opting to stay with family and friends. As a result, people want to be able to accommodate them. The result is a guest suite that might even be able to put the most exquisite hotel room to shame.

The Smart Home

You’ve heard of smart phones, and you probably even have one in your pocket right now. However, smart homes are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Smart homes encompass everything from advanced security features that can be operated through mobile devices to designing a home that has an open floor plan with strategically-placed appliances.

If you’ve been thinking about designing and building your own home, it’s important to work with a company who understands the current trends, but who also will listen to your ideas and bring them to life in ways you never imagined. These trends will become commonplace soon enough, however it will be interesting to see how they evolve in the near future.

At Trafalgar Homes we have many design options to choose from. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Enrich Every Side Of Your Home Designs

Congratulations! You have made a decision to build your next home, rather than buy it. One of the next big steps after finding the perfect lot is coming up with a design for your future home. Home designs should not only fit all of your needs and be within your budget, but you should also choose a design that is a reflection of your style.

What’s Your Style? 

When you choose a design, it is very important to make your requirements known. Consider how you will use each space and how frequently the space will be used. It does not mater if you have an elegant style or a traditional style, there are different rules and guidelines that can help your home design be a success.

Start With The Basics

When you are preparing your list, you should think of how many rooms you will need and how much space you will need. Consider the number of family areas, your dining room features, kitchen features, and so on. The land you have chosen to live on is unique, so keep this in mind when you are working on selecting your home design. You may want to place your ground-level rooms, such as bathroom and bedroom, away from the street. Make sure the flow to your home is logical because you will want to maximize all of your space.


When discussing good designs, you should consider your combination of colours and textures. Every item in your home should look good and have a purpose. Are you one of those people who are not afraid of bright and bold colours? It’s fine if you aren’t. You can always go with a more neutral design. Your rooms will be filled with plenty of colours when you add your style and taste. You can add your favourite pictures, wall art, pillows, coverings, rugs, and other additional accessories. You should never be afraid to add your own personality and twist to your home.

Energy Efficiency

You do not want multiple windows placed where the sun will set. If this happens, it will be extremely hard to cool your home when it is hot outdoors. When you have your windows placed in the perfect location, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home. Your choice of window covers can also assist in controlling how it feels in your home.

Choose your home design so you and your family will be proud to show off. You will feel great knowing you have created a comfortable atmosphere where you can watch your family grow. Not sure exactly what you are looking for? Let us help you choose a Trafalgar Home design that is right for you.

How You Can Benefit from New Home Construction Compared to an Existing Home



While it may be common for people to purchase existing homes compared to going with new home construction, this does not mean buying an existing home is the best choice. It comes down to a matter of important details, such as not having enough time or patience to wait for new construction. Or, there may not be any new construction in favoured neighbourhoods. It is crucial to understand how you can benefit from deciding on new home construction before making this major decision in your life.

Nothing that is Old, Used, Damaged, or Needs to Be Repaired

It is hard to pass up the perk of not having to worry about a water heater that needs replacing, a roof that needs repairing, or an electrical system that could use some wiring improvements. Getting new home construction means not having to deal with these issues, at least for an extremely long time, which can be a very enticing reason to pick a new home over an existing one.

Annual Savings in Various Areas

Although the purchase price of a home or the cost of building a new one will surpass any annual expenses that come with either option, you should not underestimate the ability for annual savings to make a noticeable difference to your finances on an annual basis. For instance, a new tankless water heater, plumbing system, electrical system, windows, doors, and garage are all parts of your home that will provide consistent savings by consuming and demanding less energy usage.

Ability to Build a New Community

When you decide on new home construction, you may be in a neighbourhood with other homeowners that are fairly new to the neighbourhood. It is an opportune time to build a community, one that you can be a part of every step of the way, as opposed to joining an existing one and attempting to fit in. Homeowners that are determined enough can create a thriving community to enjoy forever.

Looking to build your home? Give us a call we can help.

Three Keys for Even More Affordable Home Building



Home building can often be quite an expensive effort, which is why many aspiring home owners search for ways to keep costs within an affordable range. And to help with that, here are some more useful tips to bear in mind when overseeing the construction of your dream abode.

Keeping it simple

Okay, so everyone wants a house that looks exactly what they dreamed of. But the more elaborate the design you want, the more money you have put out. However, that does not mean that you have to abandon your desired look all together. The trick is to find a compromise and simplify everything.

Ornamentations like fancy window decorations can be kept at a minimum, since these are not that noticeable from a distance. Another way to simplify construction while still having the look you want is to use alternatives for certain materials. Instead of using crown moldings, for example, you can opt for wood casings. These will look perfect, but are much more affordable.

Maximizing space

Another common route to affordable home building is to build small. However, that also means you will have limited space, which can make moving around and in between rooms somewhat cumbersome. A solution you can do is to resort to the so called open floor plan. In this layout, the house is made to have as few walls as possible. Common areas like the living room, kitchen, and the dining area, are left open, while personal rooms are the only ones to be sectioned off. With less walls, the house will feel a lot bigger than it is and the cost of materials will definitely be lower.

You also need to watch out for so called “phantom space”. These are areas which are not usable as living space, but are still counted during construction. They include cellars used to house heating equipment, garages, and even the wall space allotted for insulation. What you can do here is to creatively use these to add that much needed space. Extra room left after wall insulation has been installed, for instance, can be fitted with fushed-in cabinets for a less crowded floor.

Think outside of the box

Since building materials get the biggest chunk of your building budget, you would definitely want to lower it as much as you can. One clever way to do it is to head out to yard sales for things like doors, cabinets, and room fixtures. Demolition sites are also particularly good places to find a lot of stuff that can add a certain touch to your home’s look without being too expensive. Many owners of structures to be demolished are willing to sell off these pieces for a bargain, as long as you can haul them away.

Embracing the green trend is also another way where you can cut down on costs. And contrary to common belief, it is fairly easy to source materials for such a construction, as long as you are creative enough. Research a lot on these green home building material so that you know how well they fit into your budget and desired outcome.

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