September 2014

Visualizing Your New Home Build

Home Design


Do you have a vision for your dream home?  Many people have always dreamt of having a home that looks a certain way or has certain features.  Others may find that even though they haven’t always dreamt of a particular type of home, none of the homes available on the market seem to fulfill their needs.  Whether you’ve always wished for a certain type of dwelling or you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for, the process of visualization can help a lot in home building.

Here are a few tips:

Images.  Before you start building your home, you’ll need to figure out exactly what you want.  Culling images from home décor and architecture magazines will help you to decide what you’re looking for.  So why not sit down with a bunch of magazines and go through them all?  Try to pull out the images that appeal to you in some way.  The best way to do this is by going really fast and letting your unconscious mind take over.  This might seem very random but actually works very well.  Sometimes, you’ll find that the images you pull out conform to your idea of a dream home.  Sometimes, however, you’ll be surprised at the results and might come up with creative ideas that will surprise you.

Picture your dream home.  Another technique which will help clarify what exactly you’re looking for is picturing your dream home in your mind’s eye.  Sit down in a quiet place where no one is likely to disturb you and close your eyes.  Tell yourself that you’re trying to imagine your dream home.  What does its entrance look like?  Does it have a porch or a garden?  When you enter the home, do you see the living room right away?  Is there a big kitchen with the latest appliances?  Is there a home office?  Does the home have a view?  How many bedrooms are in it?  This technique is even more powerful than culling images because you’re drawing from your past experience of all the homes you have seen.  You might be surprised to find that you prefer a tiny, manageable cottage to a large mansion.

Be practical.  Imagining your dream home is one thing and actually building it is another.  In order to figure out if your ideas are practical, you might have to sit down with a home builder and figure out what’s possible and what isn’t.  However, if it turns out that some of your ideas are impractical, don’t lose hope.  You might still be able to get something that approximates your dream home.  For example, you may always have wanted a home on the beach.  But if you don’t live near the ocean, consider a home that overlooks a lake or build a Japanese-style garden with many ponds in your backyard.  With our considerable experience in home building, we’ll help you to come up with options that will help you fulfill your dream without breaking the bank.

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Top Home Design Trends

Even though 2014 is almost on its way out, it’s still interesting to take a look back at the most popular home design trends we’ve seen during the past year. It truly was a year of innovation, as well as of intricate and personalized designs. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular changes we’ve seen in home building over the last year.

The Master Suite

It seems that for most new homes, the master bedroom has been laid to rest in favour of a master suite. Retreating to your master suite is almost like retreating to a terrific spa getaway, which is exactly the result homeowners are looking for. These suites can be minimal if desired, but many homeowners prefer the luxurious variety, which can even include adding a sauna or other spa amenities.

The Guest Suite

If your home has always had a guest bedroom, you’ll be happy to know that guest suites are making an appearance too. A recovering economy means that more travelers are opting to stay with family and friends. As a result, people want to be able to accommodate them. The result is a guest suite that might even be able to put the most exquisite hotel room to shame.

The Smart Home

You’ve heard of smart phones, and you probably even have one in your pocket right now. However, smart homes are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Smart homes encompass everything from advanced security features that can be operated through mobile devices to designing a home that has an open floor plan with strategically-placed appliances.

If you’ve been thinking about designing and building your own home, it’s important to work with a company who understands the current trends, but who also will listen to your ideas and bring them to life in ways you never imagined. These trends will become commonplace soon enough, however it will be interesting to see how they evolve in the near future.

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Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Vacation Home



Owning a vacation home is a dream for many families as doing so would allow them to escape to their favourite vacation destination on a regular basis. However, for many homeowners the decision to purchase a second home can be a complicated one. Thusly, it is important to consider whether it is the right time for you to purchase a vacation home. To help you make this decision, here are some of the benefits of purchasing a vacation home.

Creates a Home Away From Home

For many, one of the greatest disadvantages of vacationing is having to stay in a hotel. This often means paying a great deal of money to rent a tiny room that has an uncomfortable bed that many other people have slept on. By purchasing a vacation home, you will be able to fully relax on vacation as you will be staying in your second home; a place you are likely comfortable in as you know it is yours. Furthermore, having a vacation home simplifies packing for vacation, as many of the things you would traditionally need to bring to a hotel will already be in your vacation home. In fact, many people keep extra clothes and belongings in their vacation home so that they do not have to pack anything when they go on vacation.

Financial Benefits

There are many financial benefits in purchasing a vacation home. While purchasing a second home is generally a good investment, purchasing a vacation home is an even better investment. This is due to the fact that vacation homes are traditionally located in popular vacation hotspots. Thusly, these homes are more likely to hold their value, or even increase in value, due to the fact that vacation destination homes are generally always in demand. Vacation homes can also be a source of extra income if you decide to rent the home to travelers during the times of the year when you are not living in your vacation home.

Vacation homes can be a fantastic investment as they ensure that you and your family have a place to vacation, and they can act as an additional source of income. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of purchasing a vacation home and how one of our vacation property designs can be not only affordable but a wonderful vacation for you and your family.