May 2014

Questions to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Home Builder



Shopping for a home can be a stressful process, often due to the fact that most of the homes that you find may not be what you had in mind for your dream home. If you’ve decided to go with the route of getting a home built that meets all of your desires, it’s important that you take your time before hiring a home builder.

Rushing into choosing a builder for the construction of your new home can be one of the biggest mistakes that you can make due to the fact that you likely have several concerns for your finished home. Knowing what to ask can ensure that your new home fits all of your expectations.

  • Request to See Portfolio: By looking through photographs and past testimonials before hiring a home builder, you can see for yourself the kind of work that they’ve previously done. This should help give you the confidence that your home will be built by trained contractors that know what they’re doing.
  • Being on the Same Page: While it’s impossible to know exactly what your builder is thinking, it is so important that you discuss all of the most important features that you need for your home. Having a blueprint of your home and discussing what details and finishes are the most important to you can help increase the chances that your home is built to your standards.
  • Latest Technology and Features: One of the biggest benefits of choosing to get your home built is that you can choose which floor plan you want. This can be such a relief since it allows you to pick eco-friendly and modern details that can help cut costs for utilities and will also increase the value of your home significantly.

Please contact us if you’re interested in getting your new home built and want to discuss all your options for construction.

Home Building: Consider Energy Efficiency to Maximize Return



Deciding to go through with home building is a great way to ensure you will live in a home perfectly suited for you. However, the process can be extensive, but with the right amount of effort and consideration into details, the outcome will be 100% worth it. This is especially true when it comes to the consideration of energy performance. Energy efficient homes will lower utility bills to help maximize your return.

The details you put into energy efficiency for your home will depend on your budget, as well as how large the home will be. A larger home will require more complex details for energy performance and a higher budget will lead to a wider range of details to choose from. Just be aware that no matter what the budget, or size of your home, energy performance can be of the highest quality.

Tops Details to Consider for Energy Efficiency:

  • The Roof: This is the most critical area of the home to consider for insulation. The most energy loss is due to the roof placed over a home. A roof that is sealed and insulated can cut down costs most significantly.
  • The Walls: The wall cavity must be sealed to improve energy performance in a home. Those who live in colder climates should also consider thicker walls to leave room for more extensive insulation.
  • Sealing: In order to block air movement, sealing is essential. Costs can be cut up to 30% with the right sealing done to the home. Using caulk is what can help seal those cracks around the windows, doors, and more.
  • Windows: Considering window placement is essential for high quality energy performance. Plus, using energy efficient windows on top of that will help cut costs, as well. Windows that are going to be exposed to more sunlight should have trees or overhangs placed around them to prevent heat from seeping into the home.

Once all energy efficient considerations have been made during the process of your home building, you will see a high return in the investment put into your home. Call us to learn more.